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Using 4-Letter Words At Work

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Is it appropriate to use 4-letter words at work?

Not that 4-letter word.

What about LOVE?

LOVE = Loyal + Optimistic + Valuable + Empathetic

The definition of love is to have a deep affection for someone.

There are different types of love – friend, family, & romantic.

Professionally, it is healthiest to focus on friend & family love.

Work Friends Are Chosen Family

We tend to spend more of our waking hours at work than at home, which necessitates the desire to develop relationships with our colleagues. We form close bonds due to commonalities, interests, & spending long periods of time together.

Work husbands, wives, sisters, & brothers make us feel that we belong.

These relationships have progressed far beyond water cooler status & moved into our inner circle. We look forward to sharing stories of our home lives & providing advice & support on other professional relationships. Sometimes, we simply need to vent about the man in the next cubicle who eats tuna fish at his desk or discuss how we can fit out in a meeting to impress our boss.

Don't Limit Love To Inner Circle

Go out into the world today & love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people. Mother Theresa

Often times, it is virtual strangers or those with whom we have limited contact at work who will touch our hearts when we need it most. When a family member is very ill & we cannot concentrate, these compassionate people will appear to give us permission to be human.

Most Important Asset Are People

The most important element of any business is not the product or service. People are key. A business cannot survive without people. If the people are treated poorly, this could have an adverse effect. Detrimental results include unhappiness, stress, burn out, & illness.

By treating employees as individuals & understanding their unique behaviors & skills, we’re able to recognize when they are behaving in an uncharacteristic manner. This allows the employee to feel

Loving Gestures Benefit All

Loving gestures such as attentive listening & providing positive affirmations, seek to lift the other person to the next level. This results in increased fulfillment, happiness, & a sense of belonging. The individual becomes recognized for their unique contributions..

Next time you hear the 4-letter word being used at work, do not shudder. Look at how the business is rewarded by having happier employees who enjoy coming to work to see their chosen family of work husbands, wives, sisters, & brothers.

Are you ready to be loved👇

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