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Woman Havening Healing



Havening® is a psycho-sensory technique combining neuroscience with touch to

release painful or negative memories

The name Havening® is derived from the word haven representing safety. The fingers have sensory receptors & when the Havening Touch® is applied, it mimics the soothing sensation a child receives from a mother's touch.


The Havening Touch® is combined with healthy distractions to change the emotional & physical response to painful & negative experiences. The technique has multiple applications & is highly effective at enabling clients to alter the meaning attached to past events.


Havening® empowers clients to participate in their own healing. It can boost the impact of meditation & affirmations. The client learns how to create a safe haven, placing her vitality in her own hands!

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Heal The Inner Glow Neuroplasticity



Neuroplasticity is the ability to rewire the brain due to change

Over time, the repetitive modifications in thoughts, beliefs, & actions have an impact on molding the brain. As these modifications occur, new neural pathways are created in the brain. This is evident as human beings grow from childhood to adulthood.

Just like machine learning enables a machine to function better, neuroplasticity helps you to learn new things. Based on this concept, new beliefs can have a similar impact on your physiology.

As you accept that change is possible & take action to create a healthier internal environment, such as getting holistic healing, you can begin to feel differently.

You make your beliefs &
Then your beliefs make you

Marisa Peer

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