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Hi I'm Juliet!

Intuitive Holistic Healing
Master Practitioner

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My Story

My Story
Learning To Smile Through Pain

The constant brainwashing of being told I was unworthy would dim my light.

At 5 years old regardless of the pain inflicted upon me by being emotionally, physically, & sexually abused, I learned to mask the feelings with a smile. Eventually, I would buy into the smile & feel better.

Little did I know that I was tapping into an Inner Resource of joy.

Juliet Herman
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Pain Impact

How Painful Experience
Impacts Us

Woman In Pain

Our Inner Light can be diminished by painful & negative experiences. We seek to numb the feelings with food, substances, TV, or focusing on others.

Comforted by the continuous replay of familiarity, we become stuck in the same patterns of thoughts & behaviors. We make our beliefs & alter our circumstances to match these beliefs.

We become the judge, juror, & jailer imprisoned within the pain of the past.


I have lived in 3 countries & 5 states, & could not run away from my problems. They will always follow us until we allow ourselves to feel in order to transform.

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Passion Purpose

When Passion Meets Purpose


I have always been passionate about helping other people even as a child.


As a trauma-informed Intuitive Holistic Healing Master Practitioner, I Empower Women by creating a safe space to sit in your feelings, uncover what is holding you back, & break free from resistance.

Learn healthy coping skills & bespoke techniques to discover who you really are!

Empowering Women

My goal is to help women feel


Seen Heard Empathized

Woman Needs Healing

Trauma is not what happens to you
Trauma is what happens inside of you 
As a result of what happened to you

Gabor Mate

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