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Using RTC To Heal Women

Rapid Transformational Coaching®


Rapid Transformational Coaching® (RTC®) is the bridge between traditional therapy & traditional coaching using subconscious & conscious techniques to understand
why clients do what they do

RTC® combines coaching with RTT® therapy tools to provide clients with a vision for their future & embeds behaviors & actions to achieve the desired outcome.

Traditional therapy focuses on the past to understand what is driving the behaviors. Traditional coaching focuses on the present & how to incorporate new actions to change the future. The past runs the present which in turn runs the future.

RTC® facilitates undoing the outdated wiring of beliefs & behaviors & installing new updated wiring. The program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) enables a better understanding of how the brain processes the words used & how that impacts the past, present, & future


NLP is the Users Manual for the Mind providing insights into the impact of thinking patterns.


A core concept of NLP is examining the difference between the client's perception of the world vs. an objective reality. Their perception is shaped by experiences & can become distorted. This tends to influence thoughts, feelings, reactions, & beliefs.

The client's internal programming of thoughts, feelings, reactions, & beliefs are habitual & can become outdated. NLP provides a way to access these programs & outdated behaviors to facilitate changing to updated, healthier ones.


By thoroughly exploring the client's verbal & non-verbal language patterns, sensory preferences, & other cues, the master practitioner is able to identify areas for development. The client is provided with tools to increase self-awareness, improve communication, & enhance their perception of the world.

NLP To Heal Women

Your mind cannot hold Conflicting Beliefs

Imagination is more powerful than Knowledge when dealing with the mind

Your mind’s job is to move you towards Pleasure & away from Pain

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Beyond the fear is

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