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What Lies Beneath The Issues


Are You Repeating Patterns & Behaviors


Most people address the symptoms & not the root cause


To solve the problem, you need to explore what lies beneath


You may have spoken to traditional therapists, but you were only touching the surface by dealing with the conscious mind


The answers lie in the subconscious mind

Subconscious vs Conscious Iceberg
Conscious Sub

Difference Between

Conscious & Subconscious

The conscious is focused on survival & is your thinking mind. It has done the job of keeping you alive based on outdated beliefs & is rigid.


Here is an example. You were bullied as a child & your conscious mind formed the belief that you needed to be larger to stop it. Food became your safety net & emotional eating was comforting. This became a virtually inescapable cycle & impacted your self-esteem.


The subconscious is your autopilot & controls learning, emotions, feelings, habits, beliefs, behaviors, values, imagination, & the body. It is non-judgmental & flexible. 


95% of our operating system involves the subconscious so you can view this as the CPU of your mind.


Unfortunately, we tend to rely on our conscious mind to make decisions based on old beliefs due to only having access to 5% of the information.


By investigating information in the subconscious & reviewing the events, we're able to gain new insights, change beliefs, take new actions & break free from what's holding us back.

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