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Extraction To Heal Women



Extraction is a shamanic energy technique to remove entities & negative energies that are

trapped in the body


Our bodies are enveloped by a defensive cocoon of protection called the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), also known as the Aura. Negative energies are attracted when there is an affinity within us. Entities & negative energies can penetrate the LEF, resulting in physical & emotional pain.


Here is an example. Anger can only penetrate our LEF when the vibration for anger lives within us. Even if we are not outwardly hateful towards others, we can still attract hatred due to self-hatred. Think of the inner bully & how you have treated yourself poorly.


Using a combination of Extraction & Illumination, we can heal the affinity for these energies by clearing & increasing the frequency of the chakraAs the chakra vibration increases, we will attract positive energies.




Illumination is a shamanic energy technique to identify & clear blocked chakras


Illumination is at the core of energy work. The spiritual body consists of seven main chakras which are energy centers. When one or more of the chakras become blocked, it can adversely impact us physically & emotionally.

Transformation happens by

  • Burning up sludge in the chakra

  • Combusting toxic energy from physical & emotional imprints

  • Clearing imprints in the LEF from painful or negative experiences. This facilitates changing negative emotions & behaviors


Illumination turns emotional wounds into

sources of power & knowledge


The technique transforms heavy energy into light. The client tends to feel lighter & calmer afterwards.

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Time Line Therapy®

Time Line Therapy® facilitates the elimination of painful & negative emotions attached to memories or events from the past


The five primary negative emotions which react the best to this technique are anger, sadness, fear, hurt, & guilt. Time Line Therapy® also enables you to clear limiting beliefs which can keep you stuck in the past.


The technique utilizes your own internal time line for how memories are stored, to enable releasing the root cause of the emotion not just from a single event. By addressing the root cause, the issue can be eliminated & negative emotions will not have the same impact in the future.

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You cannot have the peace you seek until you Let Go

of what is taking its place

Beth Johnson

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